BM Media Workshops



Media Essentials 

An introductory, large group workshop designed to raise awareness about working with the media. Perfect for those dealing with media at the frontline, or as a first step in spokesperson training.

Managing the Media

The signature Media Skills™ course, this workshop provides the key elements and easy-to-remember formulas for professionally managing media interviews. Spokespeople learn how to get their message across every time.

Maximising the Media

An intense workout for people with previous media experience and training, to further develop their skills and technique. Designed for spokespeople and those dealing with media at a high level.

Managing the Media in a Crisis

A one-day workshop looking at the key elements needed to handle reactive interviews. It allows even relatively inexperienced spokespeople insights into what they need for bad news scenarios.

A Crisis, the Media and You

Learn a four-stage approach for handling a crisis. The course is essential for anyone who is part of a crisis management team, is likely to be a spokesperson, manages the communication process or just needs to understand the media game.

Personal Coaching

Highly customised for the senior executive, individual coaching allows an intensive session on interview technique. Often used by experienced performers as a spot workout on handling difficult questions, or as part of a programme for developing a senior spokesperson's skills.

Packaging Media Messages

When the words you say have to get the message across without fail, this workshop takes you through a sure-fire process to come up with the right key messages.

Presentation Skills

As with all Media Skills™ training, the focus is strategic: using the right words and delivering them in the right way, to create the desired outcome.

Professional Development 

This highly tailored workshop is designed to review, strengthen and expand the skills of those dealing with the media on the front line. It covers the essentials of dealing effectively with media inquiries, through to briefing and de-briefing spokespeople.

Just In time

For a last minute run-through, before a scheduled or anticipated interview. This can be done face-to-face, over the phone, or via video conference.


Tailored to the individual's circumstances, this is a comprehensive refresher to pick up bad habits and push people to the next level. 

Media Releases that Get Read

How to get maximum coverage with your media release. Tips, techniques and tools for how to get the journalist’s attention with a good story.

New Media

Do you know how to get your message across on You Tube and MySpace? Learn how to plan, film, edit and upload a professional clip on to your organisation’s website, or social media website.


Other Services


Voice overs

For more than 15-years, Wendy’s impeccable presentation skills have been called upon by private and government agencies.  

Media Release Writing

Do you want your media release noticed among the hundreds that flow into newsrooms each day? Wendy draws on her years of experience in newsrooms to help your news stand out.